Why Gojira are awesome

Thangs changed – an introduction

It’s a new day. Walking and asking were replaced by browsing and googling, TVs were replaced by waaaaay bigger TVs and more TVs, and recording on an analogue 8-track (if you were rich) or 2-track recording device is, thankfully, a thing of the past.

I wish I owned a computer and knew how to use it when I was 14, I wish computers had not been so f’in slow and inefficient when I was 17, and I wish I had known what the muck I was doing when I depleted my savings account at 18 to buy a couple of microphones, an 8-track recording device (hello again, past !) and a set of oh so expensive data minidiscs that went with it, each having a grand total of… 14 minutes capacity for 8 tracks recorded, in order to record a “demo”.

MD DataOh my God…

Needless to say I demoed the hell out of that setup, with dramatically underwhelming results. Continue reading

Stopping the world

Just this once…

Just this once, I close my eyes and wish so hard, with all my might, that when the elevator doors slowly slide open as the machine grinds to a halt, the rules would have changed. That the world I found behind was something else entirely.

I would find myself inexplicably transported elsewhere, in a dimension with different rules, possibly an empty one. If only for a brief period of time.

ElevatorThat’s mostly it. I wish I was greeted not with the gentle hum of the enhanced world we have carefully crafted but rather with complete silence.

You know… classic Twilight Zone experience.

And that’s when Mr Davis realized the world as he knew it had ended.

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Just cause you can…

…don’t mean you should.

I learned that at a relatively young age, specifically at a wedding open buffet.

There was so much food, some of it good, most of it okay. And I simply had to have it all.
As in “there for the taking“.

That is why you love free stuff so much.
The appeal is just too strong.
That is why you love sales, or can hardly resist a free sample.

But the point is: I got sick as a mothertrucker that night.

Precisely because I sampled every type of food there was and then came back for more, not to forget the open bar. In two words: total disaster.

Ultimately, it was a helpful experience for me, as it taught me this timeless truth: just cause you can, don’t mean you should.

And you can apply it to just about any realm of life. It never fails.




In other words: don’t buy it just because it was released;
don’t eat it just because it’s sitting on a plate in front of you;
don’t say yes just because you are being asked, or even motioned or better yet ordered.

In the end, you always have a choice.
That’s what makes you YOU.

An INDIVIDUAL, gifted with free will, which operates through the command centre: the brain.

USE IT ? And you may learn, in time, to just indulge cleverly without getting sick or f*ked, however you want to interpret it.

Much obliged ?
You should be.

With faith, hope and love (and a dogman),
Mr. Pompadour the troubadour

Don’t be a hero

Now come on, don’t be a hero.

It’s a simple instruction really.
And it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Apply some degree of common sense and you might live to see another sunrise.


a bloody hero.

But for what ?

There you are, after all these years of careful (or mindless) survival, happening to have surfaced at this particular point in time and history, this insane set of circumstances, things coming together in unforeseen patterns shaping our current reality, while deep down we are dying for something more, for the seas to part in a prophetic revelation:

The meaning of life.

Part already

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The Smokescreen – part 2

-This post follows up on The Smokescreen – part 1

The Hiss and the Static

The bad guy, the villain, is the modern day equivalent of a hero, if you really look at it closely.

As opposed to him, the good guy seems like a hopeless do-gooder with little substance, the one that will turn the other cheek. And we all – secretly or openly – hate the one who turns the other cheek.

Sorry Jean-Claude, but we do.

The bad guy is awesome

Now the bad guy, usually, had humble beginnings.
It’s not really his fault and, as fucked up as he may behave, we can all relate to some degree because he is, increasingly, presented as being ALL TOO HUMAN.

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Announcing “The Smokescreen – part 2”

Hey to one and all.

The ageing bloguer is back !

I cannot tell you where I’ve been for the better part of the last 12 months, because, for the life of me, I can’t really tell.

Time comes in such short supply, as does energy…

I am reaching a point in life, like so many have before me, that resembles a critical juncture.

So I presume this could be good news, since this is where and when age-old path dependency CAN get broken and YOU, my friend, can BREAK FREE.

Good for me… I can now see (occasionally) through the smokescreen, because, and I only realized that recently, I have been unknowingly training myself for many years.

Now just like any worthy villain, the SMOKESCREEN relies on acolytes:


Visual impairment is a bitch.
When combined with hearing deficiencies and an incredibly shrunk desire to listen, well… one is left with very little to depend upon.

To hammer away at this already tired metaphor, I suppose I could say you can always touch (your iPhone screen), smell (the smoke) and taste (your sorry and sad, three-times processed chicken).

Awesome. That leaves me with three more images to come up with and lecture you about at a later stage. Endless possibilities…

Round two is just about ready
The Smokescreen – part 2 will be published soon


Stay tuned for more

On dark times

There is nothing quite like death-defying behaviours when one feels dead or like dying.

Not necessarily going as far as speeding on a wet countryside road drunk as fuck in a teenage car with weak breaks and 3 equally drunk-as-fuck teenage friends in the dark.

That was before, obviously, when nothing mattered quite as much and consequences were fantasies dressed up as adult lecturing.

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Dealing with terror, music, and not freaking out

Fleshing out this thing is no mean feat.

Just like the vast majority, after the first series of phone calls and text messages (I’m not so well-versed in social networking), it was mostly down to so-called second circle casualties and staring at the rising – staggering –  numbers on the telly.

Then we unscrewed our fixed gazes and drank some more…
Big time, more than ever, swallowing silent tears with Japanese whisky.
I dare say we toasted the fallen, albeit in our discreet and awkward manner.

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Navigating the tedious seas of romance


I initially intended that as a joke title, a pompous attempt at capturing the complexity of love and companionship with a tired image, but I eventually grew fond of it.

Here goes then.

It has been 14 years.
An age of rebellion if any.
Stormy and unpredictable.
The dawn of ideology in a soul packing the energy of youth.

When applied to a relationship, however, these maths are all different.

I can honestly say that it is complicated.
And were I not a father, I’d readily call it the most difficult job in the world, that of husband.

But I know better.

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A fedora, family history and (not) picking up a fight

Groomed into an era of skepticism and conditioned to fit in, blend in and adapt, never stick out.

Against this conditioning, it is pivotal to hammer away at your own spirit and mind and shape it into what you want it to be so that it does not work against you.

Example: I just bought myself a fedora.
hat elephant

Can you see the elephant?

I think I can pull it off and, sure enough, when I go out, I wear it as if it were normal. I can sense and feel that there’s something different about me, about the way people look at me, but I’m alright with it, because in this environment, the informal one, anything goes. Before leaving for work this morning, my almost 4-year old daughter insisted I take the hat with me. It was raining. When I got to work, I parked my car and hesitated for a second, thinking the clear grey hat would probably not agree with the dark suit. No matter, I thought, just go with it.

At lunch time, I had to meet with a colleague somewhere else, and Continue reading